14 March 2008

Dear Diary - An Afternoon In The Life Of Miss Lilly

12:00pm to 4:00pm

I woke up from my nap and had some juice that mummy brought up. I had my nappy changed. While Amy was getting changed, I swaggered around in my jeans with pink stitching on. I don’t really mind what jeans I wear to be honest but as Amy made a big thing about it this morning I may as well play on it a bit.

We went down stairs for dinner. I sat in my chair. I hoped that we would have cake today. Mummy’s cakes are the best but I will attempt to eat at least something else as well to keep mummy happy. I usually sit on food to make it look as if I have eaten it. Once, I sat on a whole half a crumpet and mummy was so happy that I had eaten it (snigger). She found it though and then I had to eat flat crumpet.

As usual Amy wanted to swap bibs. “swap, swap”, that’s all that comes out of here mouth some days. For an easy life I usually swap with her but she isn’t getting my purple magna doodle, no way. We had cake and yoghurt for desert. I couldn’t get to the last bit with my spoon so I used my hand get it out. I was a squidgy, pink colour and I drew with it on my tray and it felt good in my hair as well. Mummy wasn’t too impressed when I showed her my art. While she was cleaning me up I told her my favourite story about putting my coat on and going shopping in daddy’s car. She likes that story, I tell it a few times a day. I must tell daddy when he gets home, he likes it to. My coat is white. I pulled some faces at Amy we both laughed. I like making Amy laugh.

We went for a walk after dinner around the block. We wore hats, it’s very colourful. We made mummy wear a hat as well. If one of has to look like this, we all do. I had my orange coat on, Amy had pink coat on naturally. Pink is so February anyway. She pushed us today in the buggy. I prefer running around though. I like chasing pigeons, daddy says “there’s a fat one get it” and I run after it screaming until it flies away.

After the walk we played some more, mummy got the crayons out so we could do some colouring. She wont let us run around with them which is no fun but at least I got to express my art and coloured around, in an through a fire engine and a clown. Amy nearly drew on the wall with her purple crayon but mummy stopped her. I think she might have been protesting about having to wear those jeans.

Amy attempted to get my purple magna doodle again; I gave her a swift tap on the head for her troubles. She cried, mummy told me off, and then I cried. I sulked around for a while giving evil looks to Amy and Mummy. I'm over it now. Time for tea. I hope we have something orange to eat. It will look good on my tray and hands.

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