12 August 2008

The Positive Test - Back Story - Part 2

It was September 2005 and it had been a few weeks after our first try (I’m sure there is a technical term for it). Emma had a feeling she was pregnant. We were at a friend’s house after staying the night and it was a Sunday morning. My friends were still in bed and after about half an hour of getting up we decided to go. We said our good byes and set off the one hundred or so mile trip back home. Almost home and we decided to get a pregnancy test, both of us not really thinking that it would happen this quick.

The village chemist was shut so we went to the nearest town and found a place open. I was shrewd and purchased a three pack of tests thinking about the future, plus they were on offer. We got home and read the instructions, pee here and wait five minutes, best time to test is first thing in the morning. We both wanted to know in five minutes time not in the morning so she went and peed on the stick.

It was a fairly non eventful five minutes we looked at each other every now and then with the “what if” look in our eyes and in our minds just waiting for the clock. Time was up.

I had to take a picture of the event just make sure it was true. I was chuffed and a little proud (of myself for being a man). Emma rang her mum. It didn’t sink in for quite a while, well 13 weeks to be exact because then there would be actual video evidence.

Before the scan would be my 30th birthday but none of that really mattered, I just wanted to get to the scan and see our baby. Little did we know that there would be company in there.

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Anonymous said...

dont worry i took a pic of mine even tho ppl thought it was weird but i didnt care lol