5 August 2008

Their First Few Days - Back Story - Part 9

Things were moving well. In the first few days there were little accomplishments. Lilly lead the way with Amy very close behind her. They came off CPAP and their jaundice was improving enough that they didn’t need any more tanning sessions. A few days into April and I came to the hospital to find my girls had been moved into the communal area. They had about 30 layers of baby clothing on and they were down 2 wires and 1 tube. One in their nose for feeding, on their skin to monitor their body temperature and one so that if their breathing stopped and alarm would go off. Believe me this was an improvement.

A couple of days after that I finally got to meet my girls in person and hold them for the first time. It was a bit scary as they were handed over to me but looking passed their poor bruised faces and into their eyes the scariness passed and I was euphoric. What they saw was probably just a big blurry shape moving around in front of them but I like to think it was a meeting of minds.

A few days after this, the girls were improving enough to have their own little room. This wasn’t much just a box room just big enough to fit two cots, two chairs and a sink in but at least now we had some privacy.

(From Left to Right) Lilly & Amy

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