6 March 2008

The Personality War

When Lilly & Amy were born, they were the same. Completely helpless and well didn’t really do a lot but as they started to take note of the world around them, they quickly each formed a personality.

To start off Amy was very chilled out; she played and did the baby thing. Lilly on the other hand was quite angry and cried quite a lot of the time. Then one day out of the blue they completely switched personalities and they took on the others traits. That was weird.

Today they do have very different personalities. Amy is a diva well and truly. She wants what she wants.

Take Christmas for example. They both had a woolly fleece as one of their presents. We decided that Lilly would have a pink one and Amy would have the white one. We opened the present at the same time. Emma and I were both enthusiastic about the fleeces and told the, what there were. Amy who I had on my knee, pushed her white fleece out of the way, walked over to where Emma and Lilly were sitting and took Lilly’s pink one and came and sat back on my knee, opened all the rest of the presents never letting go of the fleece.

Lilly didn’t care and that’s how it has been for a while. We both let them choose what to wear but Lilly wasn’t bother what she got but if you try to dress Amy in something she doesn’t want then she would throw the biggest tantrum and fight her hardest not to be dressed in something she doesn’t want on.

It’s not just clothes, its toys and food now as well. If we give the girls something at the same time Amy’s first words are “wop, wop” translated means swap. So we humour her and pretend to swap which keeps her happy.

Lilly doesn’t mind a few days ago when at tea time she did it. We put bibs on them both and Lilly came out with it “wop, wop”. She didn’t like the colour bib we gave her. We found another bib the same colour as Amy’s. Phew. Then Amy came out with it, she didn’t like the colour bowl she had with her food in. We swapped them round but Lilly didn’t like her bowl and she made us aware of it straight away by shoving it out of the way. In the end we found the same colour bowls and transferred their food into them and all was peaceful again. But at the end of it all I knew that Lilly had started to copy Amy’s personality in that way. I wonder what will be next.

I am determined to that we are not going to buy two of the same thing because it’s just plain mad.

Calling all parents with twins or children a couple of years apart, did you or do you have the same problem? How are you dealing with it?

Finally I give you my picture for this Friday taken yesterday after a bath. These robes were a Christmas present. Yes they are both the same but Amy still insists on swapping them before they put them on. What can you do?


Katy said...

As with most siblings, the root issue is usually vying for attention. With twins, I can imagine it would be doubly true (ok, not a very good pun...) Are you able to take each girl out separately once in a while? Occasionally a "date" with one and then the other helps them feel special. They want to know that you treat them as an individual and love them for who they are as an individual.

Michael said...

Hey Katy

Thanks for your comment. We have over the last couple of weeks, started taking them out separately. Which is quite a strange thing but something we will be doing a lot more. I like your blog Katy and will be swinging by regularly.


slouching mom said...

They are adorable!

I hate to tell you this, but my boys are FOUR years apart (six and ten years old), and they STILL fight over who gets which color bowl at dinner.


Michael said...

Slouching Mom

Thanks for that bit of information. It fills me with joy for the furure :)