16 March 2008

Calling All Parents

Lilly and Amy will be coming up to two years old in a couple of weeks and because of that, I am feeling quite philosophical about my time as a dad.

Next week I will be doing pre birthday countdown to their birthday and as part of that I am asking you the parents out there for a few minutes of thought and an answer to this question.

If you had to summarise your experience of being a parent so far into one sentence, what would it be?

I am looking for a diverse bunch of answers so give me your best shot. You can be a parent in the first months or years on this journey or a parent who’s children have long sing flown the coop.

If you want to participate, please email me with your name or nickname/screen name, your blog name and URL if you have one (you will get a link back) and your answer.

I will put as many as I get on a post next week.




Tee said...

While I can't comment on my own experiences since I am not a parent at this time, my one good friend (whose toddler just turned 2) calls it "Utterly maddening and incredibly rewarding." Heh. That's about as straight and to the point as you can get!!

Michael said...

Tee, I totally agree...

feefifoto said...

Being a parent is The. Most. Mundane. thing you or anyone else around the world will ever do; yet even when your kids are old enough to talk back it's simply the most fundamentally special, rewarding and precious experience you'll ever have.

A bit run on, but I got it into one sentence.

Saph said...

So utterly frustrating, and tiring at times, but yet so wonderous, and amazing to watch your baby grow. Mine just turned 3 so I have limited experience as a parent. =)