31 January 2008


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Helen L said...

Heya Mike,

A truly lovely blog that has bought tears to my eyes, its fab to hear from parenting from a male point of view.

Excellent work, looking forward to the next installments.

Helen Lenton x

Michael said...

Hey Helen

Thank you for your comment and your kind words. Also thank you for the plug on baby greenhouse I have never seen so many hits in one day :)

Barry said...

Hey Mike and Emma:

Thanks for a slice of your life, from so far across the Atlantic. Brings you all a little closer, despite the years and the miles that separated us in the last century.

With love from cousin Barry and family

Barry said...

Hey Mike and Emma;

For good to read your blog. Keeps us in touch a little, despite the years and miles that separate. Look forward to a chance of meeting the twin when we come over in June.

Love and all the best; cosuin Barry and family