10 August 2008

The Pregnancy - Back Story - Part 4

We did everything right, Emma took all the pills and vitamins to give them all the good stuff they needed in there and she took it easy. She had all of the checkups regularly and she had a 20 week scan. There were to be at least 2 more scans before the big day. We took a few pictures of Emma’s bump as she got bigger and bigger. We had the usual happy milestones as well, the first movements and the first time I felt them kick.

We attended some antenatal classes with a midwife and a few other people. This was to give us an idea about what was to come in the birth she talked about stuff showed us a video the usual stuff I guess. She also showed us some implements that typically get used in a birth, one of which was, in her words the worst case scenario which were a set of steel forceps that could go around the babies head and pull it out if necessary. She said that this was rarely used though.

We got a heart Doppler from eBay so that we could listen to their heart beats whenever we wanted. Being the geek I am I managed to get a recording of them too.

24 Weeks
- 28 Weeks

32 Weeks
Emma stayed at work for as long as she could and she lasted 31 weeks to her credit. In the end though she was uncomfortable and wasn’t sleeping much as they were doing cartwheels in there. She really thought she couldn’t get much bigger. It turns out she was right.

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Anonymous said...

well done to ur wife for stayin in work that long :)
nice bumps too,
i stayed in college til the last week lol