12 March 2008

Dear Diary – A Morning In The Life Of Miss Amy

6:30 to 10:45 am

I almost couldn’t find my dummy this morning but I found it under my arm. Phew! I cried for a couple of minutes just to let mummy and daddy know that it was quite an emotional few seconds there.

I talked to myself for a while going through all of the words I know. I used the word pink a lot this morning, as I do every day. I like pink. I wonder if I will get to wear a pink top today. I hope so. I'm sure mummy will come to my way of thinking in the end. I have purple slippers. I must tell daddy that when he sees me. I told him a few times yesterday but I like to remind him.

Mummy came in with the milk and once I finished it, she let me out so I could run to see daddy. Lilly got up as well. I wanted to see daddy before Lilly, I did, he said hello and gave me a hug. He was in the study on the computer. He’s on there a lot. We ran around screaming and laughing for a while then mummy put us on the bed while she got dressed. Her top was purple. I have purple slippers, I told daddy, he agreed. Daddy then went to work (whatever that is), he will be back later.

What a morning, I complained to mummy frequently while I was having my nappy changed as Lilly had the choice of clothing to wear and I ended up with a blue top and jeans with ORANGE stitching, ORANGE. Now I'm going to get smart looks from Lilly all day because she has pink stitching. If I get to draw today with the colouring crayons, I am going to write a stern protest on the living room wall. That should do it.

Breakfast and we had ready break. I had the pink bowl and pink spoon with my pink bib. I swapped bibs with Lilly, she doesn’t mind. I had a yoghurt with a purple spoon. I had my juice as well. Lilly made me laugh by pulling faces, she is funny.

Lilly and I put up a group protest as the dummies that we brought down with us were now missing. I told Lilly to use the scream tactic. Mummy said that they had gone and tried to put us off by dancing around a bit. I really had to cry hard this time to get some tears out. It worked though. My dummy is pink.

Play time and the TV was on but nothing interesting was on I sat in my seat and read a few books. I asked for the crayons to draw with. Even though I asked about thirty times, mummy didn’t want to give them to me. Once again I squeezed some tears out but this tactic didn’t work. Mummy compromised and got out the magna doodle pads. Now, although I picked the orange one at the shop, I have decided that I like the purple one better. This is an ongoing dispute with my sister as she seems to think that it is hers. I ask her to swap and offer her the orange one a few times. She didn’t want to compromise. I protested a lot. I finally got it when she was distracted and playing with something else. She doesn’t mind. Mommy put some music on the telly and she danced around with us and spun us around. That was fun.

Nap time and mummy took us up stairs for a sleep. I made sure I had everything. Dummy, check, blanket, check and little teddy, check. I wonder what’s for dinner. Daddy will be back later when it’s dark. I must tell him about my slippers, they are purple.

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pandora said...

Your girls are absolutely darling. Reading your posts made me think of my girls when they were that age. Scream tactic? Oh yes, they used that also. haha