4 August 2008

The Uber Breast Pump - Back Story - Part 10

Okay, so I thought I would have a little post on this subject. I know it’s quite a personal thing for mums and all but I promise I will be tactful.

So while we were at the hospital, Emma would go off into a comfortable room and pump out some good wholesome milk. As the girls were still feeding through a tube at this time it was good to stock up on the stuff as much as possible. The hospital had a machine that Emma borrowed to do the deed.

When I have been shopping for baby things in the past I have seen these breast pumps on the shelves. They are usually small hand held units, maybe battery powered and discreet enough to carry around in a handbag.

The contraption at the hospital was neither of these things. It was the size of a small truck, weighed a ton, ran off a kettle electric plug and from what I could tell, the pumping action was made by a large piston that I could see through the clear dome. This thing looked like it had come out of the industrial revolution. I have scowled the net and I have come across this black and white picture of a slightly newer version of what Emma was using.

Although it looked like it was steam powered and should have sounded like a small locomotive, it was very quiet and believe me when I say it was powerful enough to do a double whammy at the same time with no problem. Having witnessed this a few times, I am glad this is just a women thing but I was there 100% with words of encouragement and pep !


TwInSaNe said...

I saw your post on TwinStuff with the link to your blog...so glad I hopped over to take a look! What a well-written and entertaining documentation of the twin experience. This breast pump post cracked me up :)! Mind if I add you as a favorite on my blog page?

Michael said...


Thanks for your comment. I am glad that people are enjoying it. By all means add me to your favorites, I would be happy if you did.