3 August 2008

Our Routine - Back Story - Part 11

For the next couple of weeks, we got into a routine. Emma would come and see them twice a day and I would come to the hospital straight from work and spend an hour or so with them. While we were there, the nurses would encourage us to do everything like feed them (which was through a tube in the nose) and change their nappies etc. The feeding was alright I guess but the changing nappies for me was hard.

Now yes I am a man and changing nappies when we first have to is like solving some hard puzzle. The other thing though is that they were just skin and bone and I didn’t want to hurt them. After a while though I did get used to doing it. One day though I almost got put off for life while changing a nappy.

I think it may have been Amy but I had just taken the nappy off and bam, a projectile poo came out and from what I recall, ricocheted off the end of the cot and then landed about a meter away. I jumped out of the way with a not so manly scream. That’s another one of those things that you don’t find in the good parenting books.

Things were going really well and we started talking about going into the apartment to do a couple of days on our own. Unfortunately thing were about to take a turn for the worst for one of my girls.


katef - www.picklebums.com said...

Just found your blog via entrecard and have enjoyed reading your 'back story' series! I also have twin girls - they were born at 29 weeks due to TTTS and spent a long time in the hospital so I can relate to a lot of your stories!

Michael said...

Hi Katef

yes, it was quite a strained few weeks there.

I am glad you enjoyed it, there is more to come.


Rachel said...

Giggling hysterically! :-)
I've been hit with projectile poops a few times, the joys of parenting.
Entrecard'ed' over.
Great place, your site that is.

Laura said...

Hi Michael,

Our son did one of those half way thru a nappy change while still in an incubator (he was a 26-weeker). The nurses moved incredibly quickly to get him out of there and into a new incubator but I dread to think how long it took to clean the old one up again.

I reckoned he'd never be out of work as long as there was ever muck that needed to be spread.

Loving your site BTW

Michael said...


I see I'm not alone in the traveling poo department :)