2 August 2008

Back to the Beginning - Back Story - Part 12

It was the beginning of week 4 and in the morning Emma called me at work to say that Amy had quite a bad night, she has been sick a few times and she was quite dehydrated and the doctors had decided to put her back in intensive care for the time being. Emma was told that it was just a precaution and that I shouldn’t worry too much.

After about half an hour of it weighing on my mind I left work and went straight to the hospital. At this point all of the negative emotions that I had about the whole thing had started to take hold and my thoughts were not in the best place.

I got to the hospital and was buzzed into special care. I found Emma in the small booth that we had. Emma knew me well enough to know that I would not stay away so she wasn’t too shocked to see me. She was with Lilly but where Amy’s small plastic cot should have been was an empty space. This was the first time that my twin girls had been separated since birth. After I said hello to Lilly and held her hand for a couple of minutes, with a slightly heavy heart, Emma and I went to see Amy.

We walked all of the way back to where we had come from the weeks earlier to intensive care. There I saw Amy with a new splint on her arm so that all of the drips and monitoring wires had a place to hold onto. I held her other hand and then completely broke down.

At that point all my feelings from the past 3 weeks that I had been bottling up came out uncontrollably and so I cried for about 15 minutes. I sat in the small lounge area that was reserved for parents and pulled myself together. That was it now, back to the business of getting my twins reunited in the same room and out the door and into our baby prepared house.

We fed Amy a few times throughout the day and through to the evening through the tube in her nose that went to her stomach. It was good news as she kept all of her milk down for the rest of the day. The nurses said that it may have been that the formula milk that they were using to top up with when Emma’s breast milk wasn’t available was to rich and was causing her to bring it back up. She was put onto different milk and the uber breast pump worked overtime.

By the end of the day, we wheeled Amy back into our little booth and the nurses said that she should be okay as long as she had a good couple of nights. After 2 steady days, we were back on track. I was very grateful, relieved and happy.

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