7 April 2008

Two Contrasting Days – Part Two

Tuesday – One Of The Best Days Ever

I woke up, had a shower and made my way down stairs. Emma has done the milk this morning so that was a bonus. Amy and Lilly were just finishing off their breakfast. Coco pops. As I came down to the bottom of the stairs I could hear them both saying “daddy’s coming”. Things like that give me a happy glow. As they both saw me, I was presented with a pair of chocolate smiles. I helped them finish of the rest of their cereal. They both ate the lot and they finished their yoghurts off with very little mess. We went into the lounge to play.

We played with the microphone that we got them for their birthday and we sat and built things with their blocks. We all shared the blocks and there was no arguing. We all read for a while and then sat on the couch and watched an episode of Pingu, I had no idea what was going on but the girls laughed so they must have been in on the joke.

Emma sat with them at their table while they did some colouring with crayons. We always ask what colours they want and from Amy it’s always purple without fail. She will use other colours but she will never let go of the purple one. Lilly usually has blue; she has a thing about blue at the minute. As you can imagine, the colouring books all have blue clowns or purple beach balls or blue rabbits (you get the idea). Never the less it was a peaceful session. I coloured in a robot with as many colours as I could get (except blue and purple) to get a bit of brightness into the book. It was time for a nap, this is usually quite a hard time because once they have their crayons they seldom want to give them up. Today wasn’t too bad; we did the decoy thing and distracted them with juice.

We woke them up after their nap and gave them dinner. They ate nearly everything on their plates and even had a full slice of Emma’s well made birthday cake. At this point, I went up stairs and had a quick search around to make sure that our children hadn’t been replaced at some point during the early hours of that morning as they had woken up completely different from yesterday.

After dinner we drove to an indoor soft adventure play area as we had free entry because they had gotten into the local paper for their birthday. This was my first time in one of these places with them and Emma hadn’t been for a long time. We put them into the toddlers part and let them get on with it. They started climbing and having a good time. We happily watched them and from time to time rescued them when they climbed up a steep slope but had no idea how to get down. There was an area where there were rabbits and we could all sit in while they sniffed around. Both Lilly and Amy sat on our knees and were as good as gold. We left without any drama and didn’t have to man handle them out of the ball pool.

We went for a drive around for about an hour. They both had their hats on in the car. Amy with her trendy purple hat and Lilly with her Bob The Builder hard hat. They both amused themselves all the time and it was a peaceful drive.

After tea we played outside in the garden. I had somehow managed to squeeze myself into the pink Wendy house (the things I do) which all the girls including Emma found funny. We had a pretend tea party. They came inside without a scream or tear. They had their milk and went to bed. What a great day we all had.

Its days like this that you are happy to have children…..

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