9 April 2008

Me Me Me

So what’s this post about I hear you cry. Well I'm bored, no wonderful ideas leap into my head at this point so I will take a quick break away from my wife (who is in the bath) and children (who I can here snoring on the monitor as I type) to give you 10 things you never really wanted to know about ME.

1. I am about 60% Geek.
Emma would say more 80% but I know my place in the geek world. Computers and me seemed to fit at an early age. On a daily basis, I hear words like stored procedures, binary compatibility, public keys, private keys, virtual machines and so on. To keep my geekness down, when I get home I don’t talk about my day in detail as when I do Emma has that glazed look about her and Amy & Lilly just wouldn’t want to know.

2. I hated school as a child.
To the annoyance of my mum mostly, I would hide all over the house in the morning so that she couldn’t find me in the hope she would forget that I had to go to school. It never worked. I pretty much flunked all my exams (except engineering) as a teenager and it took me until I was in the second year of college to realise the mistakes that I had made. From that point on I embraced the inner geek and passed all my college courses.

3. I have five tattoos around my body.
When I was nineteen I decided to get inked for the first time (an anti geek thing to do) so I went to town with my best mate, found a dodgy tattoo place, picked a design off the wall and embraced the pain. I have collected them every now and then ever since. My latest was about 5 years on my leg, I designed it myself.

4. I am a movie buff through and through
I get excited about movies coming out. I have a nice collection of DVDs. Being in the geek class, I do enjoy the odd sci-fi movie but I embrace most genres. The worst movie I ever saw was Miami Vice.

5. I am a Buffy fan.
Yes I am a thirty two year old man with 2 children and I am a fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Emma is too and we have on more than one occasion, watched the complete series. Emma has a crush on Angel and he is on her top 5. (My number one is Kate Beckinsale)

6. My best friend (in number 4) Died over eleven years ago.
I can’t say that I have ever fully gotten over the fact that he died. I have dreams to this day that we are hanging out, he is always quiet and always when it’s nearly time to wake up, he walks away. He never stays. I'm sure there is a physiological explanation for that one. I miss him but I have only visited his grave about 3 times. It’s not him there anyway.

7. Emma and I started seeing each other when we were nineteen.
We spent five years at school together and never talked once. One of my friends bet me that she wouldn’t dance with me in a night club, she did. Who could resist. We got married ten years ago this July.

8. I was so drunk once, I went green.
I was seventeen and it was my first college disco. I drank half a bottle of tequila and spent the night in the night club toilets. I woke up in the morning without a hangover (that wouldn’t happen these days).

9. I used to be a skateboarder
Another non geek thing. Yes, I wore the baggy stuff and hung around in my teens in hoodies. I gave it up, well because I was rubbish at it and spent a lot of time on the floor.

10. I have a huge collection of Star Wars toys in my garage.
Well I had to end with a geeky one because you have to embrace it. Thanks to my inner geek, I am where I am today and although I considered myself a cool geek (well when I was younger) I am a geek, I embrace it. It’s the new black.

So there you go, whoever wants to read this will get a small insight about me. I'm sure that you all feel better knowing these facts. No doubt I will get thousands of questions and comments now as I have opened the floodgates. Then again, probably not!


BusyDad said...

Man I WISH I kept all my Star Wars toys! I went to Star Wars Celebration IV this year (I finally don't feel geeky saying it) and saw all my old toys. It wasn't how much I could get for them - I just missed them and wish I could give them to my son. And I have 5 tats also. And I used to skate. Shoot... does that make me a geek too??

Dani said...

I want to get a tattoo, but I'm scared that I'll become addicted :(