4 April 2008

Two Contrasting Days – Part One

Monday – One Of The Worst Days Ever

I had 2 days off this week. The day started out okay as the routine goes. We got the girls dressed without much drama and went down stairs. Emma had a bath while we all had cheerios for breakfast. This is where things went down hill a bit.

The introduction of cereal and milk was a good idea at the time but now Lilly refused to eat many of the rings and just wants the sweet milk but she can’t quite get the hang of the getting the milk to the mouth with her spoon without spilling it so she gets mad. So I start feeding her the milk to keep her happy while stuffing rings into Amy’s mouth to keep her eating. Then Lilly throws a complete stress because I accidentally get 1 lousy ring on her spoon. That’s it, no more cheerios today. I give them yoghurt with a choice of colour spoon, all is quiet, I wash the dishes. I look over to Amy to see she has totally done away with the spoon and started shovelling pink yoghurt into her mouth. I get the wipes and clean her up quick. Emma would kill me if they got food in their hair right at the start of the day.
Stress Level 3

Breakfast over and they go into the lounge to play while I finish the dishes and clean up. By the time I have finished and go into the lounge I get a wiff of the now all too common smell of ripeness. I check them both and it was a double poo. I listen upstairs to see if Emma had come out of the bath. No such luck. I can’t even share the load. I march my smelly twin girls up to change their rotten nappies.
Stress Level 3.5

Back in the lounge and we play for a while with all the new toys. Emma and I have them on our knee on the sofa reading books. Amy then decides to crack Lilly over the head with her new book, making her scream the house down. Amy’s very first time out was called. I sat her on a chair for 2 minutes. She cried all the way through it but she didn’t move. She said sorry to Lilly and they went for a nap.
Stress Level 5

Dinner was a disaster. Most of what Emma had prepared for them came back on the plate just as if someone has played tennis with it all for 5 minutes then picked it all up. They had half a banana and about half of a slice of their birthday cake. No more yogurts in the house but we found a substitute. Not too impressed but they ate it.
Stress Level 4

We left all the mess, put the girls in the car and went off to the seaside to take advantage of the good weather. This is about an hours drive or so. Half an hour in and they both start wanting different things from the side compartment where we keep all the car toys. Emma accommodates with every request to keep them happy as I drive. 45 minutes in and Amy decides to take her new trendy purple hat off she got for her birthday and wanted me and only me to put it back on. Emma tried to explain that I was driving but that fell on deaf ears “daddy do it”, “daddy do it” Lilly joined in as she was now bored of being strapped into a car seat. The last 15 minutes was hell.
Stress Level 6.5

We got to our destination. It started to rain. Amy and Lilly wanted to walk and both strongly objected to being man handled into the buggy. We walked around for a while and noticed that all the shops and market stalls were closing, cries and high pitch screaming in my ear, we go into an open shop get out of the rain.
Stress Level 8

We got back into the car after being there about 45 minutes and drove to a supermarket to the café to give the girls their tea. No buggy this time we let them walk into the supermarket. For some reason Lilly objected to going into the supermarket and decided to lay horizontal in the door way not caring about on coming trolleys. I was that parent who got stared at for not controlling their children. Lilly refused to eat her favourite orange pasta that was given to her and screamed every time I tried to feed her.
Stress Level 20 BOOM!!!!

I switched off, stared out of the window of the café and waited for my face to go back to a normal colour as Emma finished off tea duties. After my mental reboot, we got home, gave them their milk and put them to bed. We both gave a joint sigh of relief as we collapsed onto the couch.
It’s days like this you wonder why you decided to have children…….


cardiogirl said...

Amen, brother. We have three girls, 8, 5 and 2.5 years old. And I had to laugh when you said your wife did not want yogurt in their hair to start the day.

Sometimes I feel that way, other times I think there won't be a day when my kid does NOT use yogurt to condition her hair. My middle kid used to take globs of it and smash it deep into her scalp.

Stress level: BOOM 15!

Thanks for sharing real life behind twins.

Michael said...

LOL cardiogirl, we are in complete agreement :)