1 April 2008

Lilly & Amy’s Second Birthday In Pictures

In The Morning - Behold the pink plastic


I set out the outside play stuff ready for them to play - It was all a big hit


Back inside and we opened and tried out all the presents


I, I mean we built a tower out of all the blocks

It was taller than Amy

. They had their card read out on CBEEBIES that Emma sent in

The Cakes - Emma slaved over a hot stove to cook these birthday creations

The Party (I only had a couple of beers) – They Got Lots Of Cards

There was face Painting – Thanks Tara



Max (Nephew)

Alice (Friends daughter, thanks for coming Helen)

We got the girls in from outside long enough to sing happy birthday - Emma was quite emotional

When it was time to go inside, Lilly has a total melt down for about an hour but they both slept straight away at bed time (phew again).

A great day and I think everyone had a good time. The food was good there was plenty to drink (I still have a small bar’s worth of alcohol in my garage and Emma is slowly getting through the wine as I type this). There were people I spoke to that I hadn’t seen for years and years but there were also people that couldn’t make it. It was good to see family and friends have a good time. Same time next year? I will leave that as an open question until the stress of this one gets forgotten.

PS – I would have taken a picture of the triffle but it was gone so quickly, I didn’t have chance :)


Mommie said...

Holy pink! Looks like they made out like bandits!


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

What a fun birthday! They are going to love that playground!!

Michael said...

Mommie - you are not wrong...

Cassie - They do love it and we are having a good few days of weather at the moment so they are out there a lot :)

Mia Blog4me said...

nice pics and I have seen this toy house in Toys store here. It cost a lot near to thousands.