28 March 2008

Your One Sentence Answers

As part of the pre birthday run up, I asked you to email me an answer to this question.

“If you had to summarise your experience of being a parent so far into one sentence, what would it be”

Thanks to everyone that emailed me and commented with your answers. There are some funny, sensible and inspiring ones.

Everyone who answered my call have great blogs themselves so please take time to visit them as well.

So here you are I started :)

Name: Michael
Blog Name: My Wife And Twins

"It’s been emotional, it’s been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, cries and laughs, it has made me grow up and be the man I am now, I love being a husband and a parent."

Name: Ruthie
Blog Name(s): My Mama Drama and Got Multiples?

"My experience of being a parent has been and continues to be very rewarding, and having preemie twins has shown me that even though life can throw you a few "curve balls", you can always overcome the obstacles, which in turn makes you stronger and a better parent."

Name: Mrs. Mecomber
Blog Name: New York Traveler.net

"To be a parent means you discover that the world does not revolve around you."

Name: Linda Jones
Blog Name: You've Got Your Hands Full

"Being a parent of twin girls has made me laugh more than I ever knew possible."

Name: Jared
Blog Name: DadThing.com

"One year full of enjoyable chaos."

Name: BusyDad (or Jim)
Blog Name: The Busy Dad Blog

“As Seen on TV”? psshaw!!

Name: FeeFiFoto
Blog Name: FeeFiFoto Blog

"Being a parent is The. Most. Mundane. thing you or anyone else around the world will ever do; yet even when your kids are old enough to talk back it's simply the most fundamentally special, rewarding and precious experience you'll ever have."

Name: Lance
Blog Name: Dad2Twins


Name: Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah
Blog Name: Sarah and the Goon Squad

"Parenting is the is the most exhausting activity one can engage in, outside of soccer."

Name: Mishelle
Blog: Secret Agent Mama

"Parenting is definitely a challenge and there are no cookie cutter children, so it's a task to mesh with all of the different personalities that we have in our family. However challenging, though, it's rewarding to the highest degree!"

Name: Saph
Blog: Walk with Me

"So utterly frustrating, and tiring at times, but yet so wonderous, and amazing to watch your baby grow."


Ruthie said...

Great idea for a post, Michael! And thanks so much for thinking to include me. It was my pleasure! Take care. :)

Jared said...

Good post man! Thanks for including my one liner! (and the link to DadThing). Later!

BusyDad said...

This was a great idea. You should do this more often. Very interesting to see what/how people answered this.