26 March 2008

The Ingredients To A Successful Birthday Party

Preparations have been going on for a couple of months in the form of lists. But with less than a week to go until Lilly and Amy’s second birthday, nearly everything is in place for a memorable party. As always, Emma is the project manager in these affairs. I take the orders and get the jobs done that need to be completed. This is how it should be, I find that things go a lot smoother and I get a lot less stressed.

So, we are going for the birthday and party on the same day, as their birthday is on a Sunday, we though it would be a good idea. I class myself as a semi people person in that I will make the effort to interact with people that I don’t know that well but I can honestly say I feel quite nervous about this one. Granted, it was my idea to invite loads of people but I seldom think things through to the end.

The key to a birthday / party is to keep everyone happy and to do this you need a sprinkling of ingredients:

The presents

The most important people to keep happy of course are my darling daughters. We have gone for a mix of in and out door fun this year as well some educational stuff as well. In the picture we have all the indoor stuff. In no particular order:

A microphone with disco lights – I have tested it, it is quite loud.
A large aquadraw set – The small ones went down well.
Magic colouring books – the pens are different colours but will only write in the books (no wall art).
A Vacuum Cleaner – They like watching daddy do it (yes I do the vacuuming, it’s my domestic job).
Loads of building blocks – I like, I mean they like building things.
Loads of books – They are into reading now.
A shopping trolley – Girly stuff.
A skittle set – we like playing those games, they just need to learn how to set them up for me.
In the night garden cutlery set – they are obsessed with both these things.
Bob the builder hard hats – They like Bob, plus will come in handy if ever I need DIY labourers.
Loads and loads and loads of clothes – Emma is obsessed.

Outside in the garden there will be an assortment of bright pink plastic (I didn’t have much say in that), a playhouse, a swing and a slide.

Food and drink

To keep the guests happy. We have gone for the traditional buffet food as this can be done before hand and wrapped up ready to be presented at the right time. There will be sandwiches, sausages on sticks, pineapple and cheese on sticks, sausage rolls (you get the idea). Emma is doing a mammoth baking session on Friday for the sweet stuff including the birthday cake. Emma’s mum is coming that day to help out and I will be well out of the way. It is my job to make the trifle, this usually comes out of a packet but last time I managed to fluff this up and the custard was very sloppy. I am determined to make the best trifle this time. My sisters trifle never fails, I'm on a mission.

We have a selection of drinks to keep everyone happy. Beer, wine and soft drinks are all in the mix. I will be having a beer or two to keep my stamina up.

The guests

We have invited quite a few people plus their children. This is where my nerves kick in again as there will be family members who don’t get on that well, an ex boyfriend and girlfriend and lots of screaming kids. Plus will they all turn up? If they do where will they all park? How do you keep them all happy? I think I’ll have another beer.

The children

To keep them happy there will be fun and games with prizes to be won, pass the parcel etc. To end the day they will go home with a goodie bag with sweets in to keep them going well into the night, hehe.

So there you go. All the ingredients are there we just need to mix them up and see how it all comes together. To be honest as long as all my girls are happy I will be happy.

To be continued …..

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