24 February 2008

The Twenty Minute Temper Tantrum

The other day, I witnessed Lilly’s first full on strop. We had just given Amy and Lilly a bath and it was time to put on their pyjamas. It has only been a few weeks since we have gone from all in one sleep suits to pyjamas and already they both have their favourites.

This night, it was time for a new pair that they hadn’t worn before. Amy was first and given the choice of what set to ware (we take it in turns and to be as diplomatic as we can). She was happy and one changed went off to play. Lilly's turn and as soon as Emma put the top on here she started. She kicked and screamed through getting changed, trying to. Stood in the middle of her bedroom and screamed. When we took them down stairs to play, she found a corner and stood their and screamed. I put her on my knee and tried to calm her down but she just went ridged and screamed. Now quite deaf, I put her down and told her to go away and have a tantrum elsewhere. She did.

I just want to explain about Lilly’s scream. She has what I like to call a two tone scream. Firstly, she starts up which scares you half to death if you are not expecting it. Halfway through her second breath, she will go up a whole octave like a high pitched sound that nothing I have heard before. The effect is a loud ringing sound in your ears as well that last nerve in your body being irritated to the point of explosion. This scream is usually saved for times when she is at her most disgruntled. This seems to be more and more now days.

After about 5 minutes of her stomping around I finally sat on the floor with her, found her dummy and talked her down into a semi calm state. I asked her to give me a kiss, she did. It was very snotty and wet from two snail trails leading from her nose to her mouth. I wiped my mouth, I didn’t care it was quiet again.

The race to the terrible twos has started and Lilly is defiantly in the lead at this point.


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