27 February 2008

Earthquake But Not Awake

We had an earthquake last night. It lasted around 10 to 15 seconds. I must admit I was still asleep half way through it and thought that I was having a weird rocking dream. Anyway, once I woke up a bit and sussed out that it was in fact an earthquake and not our boiler exploding, we waited for the cries from the baby monitor. Not a peep. Emma went into their room and they were fast asleep in their cots. This leaves me with one annoying question.

Why can my girls sleep through a 5.0 earthquake but if I make a loud creak as I come up the stairs, they scream the house down as if it the end of the world?


Kidazy said...

LOL I was the exact same way as a child, I could sleep through a gale but if someone dared bite in to a kitkat i'd wake up :D

MrsHannigan said...

Isn't it crazy the things kids can sleep through?

FYI- you can back-date your blog posts, so that the whole back story (which was a fascinating read) can be told in the order it happened. Go to "manage posts" then "edit posts" then in each individual post, at the bottom, "post options" you can change the date & time.
In case you wondered. Anyhow- you are a great storyteller, thanks for sharing. I'm glad they're OK and raising heck like normal 2 yr olds. I have 6 girls.

Ruthie said...

That's so funny! I know, mine sleep through Tornado Warning sirens and loud thunderstorms.

Thanks for stopping by Got Multiples! You should definitely come by more often.

Michael said...

Kidazy - It is funny how children react to different sounds. I guess its a tone thing. Maybe an earthquake has a soothing rocking effect :)

MrsHannigan - Thanks for the tips (I will do that) and your kind words, 6 Girls, wow I bow before you...

Ruthie - I will pop in as much as I can.