28 February 2008

Time To Lock Away Every Curse Word

Well the day came. We were in a rush to get out the door to visit the grand parents. The girls had just finished dinner and we put the coats on and after about a 10 minute decision from both of them on what shoes to wear (not even 2 yet and they have a thing about shoes and clothes, I feel a constant battle of fashion looming leaving me with a lighter wallet), Emma checked the girls nappies as there was a familiar smell of ripeness in the air.

It slipped out from nowhere, fuelled from trying to get in the car and away and still needing to clear the waste ground below their booster seats that was dinner. She put Lilly on her knee and checked, “She’s done a s**t”. Emma covered her mouth as quickly as the word came out but just as quick, Lilly repeated it as clear as day “s**t”

Lilly usually takes things in but doesn’t repeat them straight away. Today would be the day that she decides to do it. I looked at Amy who was admiring her shoes and I don’t think heard it. We shall see in the next few days if she did. Emma and I were both in shock, I walked off and tried not to laugh.

After I had changed Lilly, we made a deal to put all of our curse words out to pasture.

It has been a few days and we have been good ourselves and that word hasn’t become part of Lilly and Amy’s vocabulary.


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

It's amazing how quickly they learn to repeat that stuff. We didn't realize the same thing with what we watch on t.v. until they started repeating things. Even shows that are pretty clean have words or concepts that you really would like your 2 or 3 year old to know nothing about!
Good luck!

Michael said...

Hey Cassie

I don't suppose we can keep them away from all of things that they are going to pick up. Most of the time they have their TV on anyway so I am hoping for a while at least that there influences won't be coming from that at least.