5 March 2008

Potty, First Contact

We have been thinking about potty training for a while (well since birth) and we decided to purchase one to put in the bathroom so we could talk about it when the girls had a bath just to ease them into it. We are in no rush for them to start but it's there if they want to use it. After all as soon as they are out of nappies we will be having the words “I need a wee” every 15 minutes when we are on a car journey or at some inappropriate time. I am also sure that they will always ask at different times, I can see it now, “daddy I need a wee”, “why didn’t you go 10 minutes ago when we stopped for your sister”, “I didn’t want to go then”! So as I say no rush.

Now I like things that have a duel use and the potty we got is no exception. It is a potty, a step and an attachment to the toilet (it makes the hole smaller so no one will fall down it). It was also a bargain which I like.

It was at the weekend and we gave them a bath for the first time with the potty in the room. We gave them a bath together as usual. Amy likes to give herself a bubble beard to look like daddy and Lilly splashes a lot. Once we finished and got them out and dried them off we introduced them to the potty. We explained what it was for and they both tried it out for size sitting on it. Lilly sat on it and didn’t really think much of it so we put here in her pink robe to keep warm. Amy then sat on it and being the parents we are gave her loads of encouragement and Emma said “do a wee wee” and she did.

We couldn’t believe it first time and she had got the idea. As we were clapping and giving out just rewards, I put my hand in something wet on the floor next to the bath. Lilly had also had a little wee at the same time. That will teach us not to use names when we ask one of the girls to do something.

I am proud of both my girls because they did as they were asked. I am also quite impressed that they can both wee on demand. Well They haven’t been that enthusiastic about the potty since then although they have been arguing that they both want to sit on it at the same time so that means I am going to have to buy another one. I'm sure they will get the hang of it, they are quite bright. Even I still miss the toilet at times (just don’t tell Emma).


Motherwise said...

Ha! The good thing is that is sounds like you're off to a good start. My kids won't go on command for what seemed like ages. Cute post.

THE MOM BOMB said...

It was months and months before I could get my twins to sit on the potty, let alone use it properly. You have it far too easy . . . don't make me smack you.

Michael said...

Motherwise: Thanks :)

The Mom Bomb: LOL

Jared from DadThing.com said...

Potty training...not one of the things I am looking forward to. Will be glad when Ace is potty trained, but the transition has got to be tough. :D

katef - www.picklebums.com said...

My girls loved their potties from early on but it took a LOOOOOOOOONG time before they could actually use it! One suggestion.. get two potties!!

Michael said...

Jared: This is all new to us to. I guess it's all part of the parenthood journey.

Katef: I think you are spot on with two potties thing.