16 April 2008


I love my children equally as every good dad should (even if one has been a total nightmare and made your day a living hell). One would think that if you love your children the same way, your child would love both parents the same. But this is grownup logic and not toddler logic.

For the last few months I have had a fan and that is Amy. She would greet me with a smile when ever she saw me and generally hang around like a groupie. Now Lilly would do the same but she didn’t care if mummy would take her to bed or read to her. Amy on the other hand would throw a fit and say “daddy do it”, “daddy do it” until she got her own way. It’s good to be wanted I guess unless you can’t leave the room without where you are going and when you coming back.

Emma was getting a little upset about it all as she was feeling very unwanted. I on the other hand was basking in being popular although being the good dad that I am was giving equal time to Lilly, well when Amy let her near me that is.

A week or so ago, we were sat downstairs, the girls were having their milk just before bed. It was time to put them in their grow bags ready for bed. Then the little voice said “mummy do it”, “mummy do it”. From that second on to now Amy has switched her loyalty and now mummy is queen of all things.

Now I don’t recall dropping Amy on her head at any point and although we have our arguments I can’t pin point when she decided not to be daddies favourite any more. I am fairly sure that Emma has promised her something or slipped her some cash without me knowing. Time will tell J. Lilly still loves me, in an equal to mummy sort of way.

I feel that this may be the start of a very long emotional journey. The women in my life may use these little tricks later on in life to get what they want.


~Amber~ said...

Isn't it oh so fun??? Victoria was always mommy's girl until about a month ago, when she decided that Daddy was the King of the Universe and mommy is nothing anymore. Good news??? MOST girls become Daddy's girls and stay that way once they hit about 4 years old. Good luck!

Mommie said...

I'm kinda hoping it'll switch with my son, who only wants Daddy. He's really young, almost a year, but it is hard when you spend all day with your child, playing with them, kissing them, reading to them, only to be chopped liver when daddy gets home...


chris said...

Dude wait untill they become teenagers then you will really have fun...LOL

Maria said...

You are absolutely great at blogging about your family life .. Amy, Lilly and Ellen jump right out of the posts!

My boys are ganging up on me now. My eight month old is all about papa, until he gets tired and grumpy then he remembers to utter "meh meh" and cling to me like an alabama tick.

- Maria