6 February 2008

Knowledge is Power

I cannot believe it, after spending the whole of their curious lives taking books, ripping them, generally dribbling over them and chewing on them, my girls have started this week to actually open these square things and look at the pictures inside.

As well as that, they point at things in the books and attempt to name it or make an associated noise attached to it.

Amy and Lilly will both sit on my knee with a book. Amy already has a favourite that she wont let Lilly near and if she does, cries and says “ta, ta” a lot until she gets it back. But most of the time it’s learning central and we have a two way or 3 way interaction which is another new and great experience.

I think I am going to encourage this behaviour more. Who Knows, it might lead them into getting some sort of employment in the long run.

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Anonymous said...

omg they are soooooooooo cute you and your wife are so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!